♥ I live in sweden ♥

I just thought I would take a
second and reply to a question I got
yesterday. One of my readers wanted
to know where I live because she found
it odd that I was going on about the
great weather we've been blessed with
these last couple of days.

The answer is I do live in Sweden,
way up in the northern part.
It can quite cold in the wintertime,
and hot in the summer time.
Sometimes it's up to -40 (winter)
and + 40 (summer)

Right now it's never dark where I live
either (midnight sun) so it can be
quite tricky to sleep, but it's great if
you wanna stay up all night (we often do)
I hope that clear things up,
feel free to ask more questions,
I'd love to answer them!

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  1. I didn't wonder why you were sharing that info, I just didn't know it got that hot there. I always pictured Sweden as a COLD to cool place, not as one that would be over 100 degF in early June. I live near the same latitide as Morocco and it was warmer there than here! This comment could be filed under your post "Dagens Roligasta Fakta" because I got to tell my well informed husband something he didn't know.


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